Over educated and technologically stimulated, we are a group of talented computer nerds with goals.  Over time we began building complex systems and became the company we are today.  We have already learned, the hard way, that corporate life sucks.  We are simply a group of developers looking to work on interesting and challenging projects.

We are a company of the future.  Ever heard of web 2.0?  Well, think of us as Business 2.0.  We could care less about making deals on the golf course.  Honestly, most of us don’t even drive cars.  Being a part of the Phamily requires living a green sustainable life and we enjoy bringing that type of devotion into our development.  We chose to live simple and minimal lives by working with software we love.
Why are our prices so low? First off, we are a completely virtual company who only utilizes open source software.  Why waste money on monthly rent for an office, electricity, air conditioning a large space, or paying salaried staff to surf facebook half the day? By cutting out wasted effort, we can offer our customers truly optimal value.