DrupalCamp Chicago 2011

Picture of the attendees at DrupalCamp Chicago 2011 from keynote speaker point of view
Screenshot of website for event
Picture of Matthew Lechleider presenting about Community Social Networks in Drupal
Phamily Development sponsor booth at DrupalCamp Chicago
Picture of a dueling piano at the afterparty bar.
Picture of local Chicago Drupal user and Angela Byron "Webchick" at after party.
Phamily Development was stoked to be a major part of Drupal Camp Chicago 2011.  Although Phamily Development is based out of PA, a couple of the companies key figures are based in Chicago. Given the Chicago roots, Phamily wanted to be sure all the Drupalites that were participating in the event had an incredible time, without any hitches.  Phamily was instrumental in coordinating, hosting, and organizing the event.  Not to Matthew Lechleider of PhamilyDev founded and organizes the Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group.
The event was the fourth annual Drupal Camp Chicago event the Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group has organized.  Phamily built majority of the site for DrupalCamp Chicago and provided web hosting for attendees of the event.  In addition to being Gold Level sponsors, Phamily provided the financial backing for the event.
Over 300 people attended DrupalCamp Chicago 2011, and it was a magnificent time. PhamilyDev's Matthew Lechleider presented on creating social networks and communities with Drupal. For more information on the presentation and to see video of Lechleider’s presentation, please go to:
After the event over 150 attendees continued to hangout for the official afterparty.  It was especially cool when Dries Buytaert and Angela Byron “webchick” made an appearance at the after party.  Here is a photo of “webchick”, with a local Chicagoan.