A returning client, Margaret Laurino decided she wanted to utilize our services for a second project. This time she wanted to have a site for her position as Alderman in the 39th district of Chicago, and we happily obliged. Using Drupal 7 we have managed to make the experience user friendly and functional, with an abundance of information readily available to the public.
This site makes it very easy for local residents to go online and register for anything from parking to garage sale permits, helping make government operations more efficient. There are news updates and archived records of tax revenue that are simple to manage. There is even an interactive map that allows you to see the exact locations of all public services offered in the district. Our interactive map was a major step up compared to the legacy files of scaned PDFs documented TIF boundries.
As much as we love to see clients return, we love to help communities benefit from our services. The user friendly management of a Drupal site allows our clients to have enough control to take advantage of the dynamic abilities our sites have to offer, and when the costs of a parking ticket goes up, this will be the first place it is posted.