Drupal DownUnder 2012

Drupal Down Under 2012
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Matthew Lechleider, On The Right
Always Something New To Learn
Groups of attendees follow Drupal founder Dries
PhamilyDev President Matthew Lechleider traveled around the world to attend Drupal DownUnder 2012, in Melbourne, Australia. He had been helpful in the organization of the previous year's Drupal DownUnder conference.
Of his efforts to support and promote Drupal community events like Drupal DownUnder, Lechleider says "I find it important traveling the world to see Drupal through the eyes of a global economy." He feels that seeing how the Drupal community grows and thrives across climates and cultures grants new insights into what is to come, helping PhamilyDev keep abreast of emerging trends and conditions of the Drupal market and provide the best possible services.
Taking in presentations is a good way to keep skills sharp and learn about new techniques and technologies. Meeting other movers, shakers, and trendmakers in the global Drupal community, and exchanging information and opinions with them as well as making friends from around the world who share a keen interest in Drupal development, are among the distinct benefits of international conference attendance.