DrupalCamp Sri Lanka 2012

A Big Hello, from DrupalCamp Sri Lanka 2012
DrupalCamp Sri Lanka 2012 Training Event Day Before Camp
Palm trees in Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Lunch time at DrupalCamp Sri Lanka 2012
A Big Hello (again), from DrupalCamp Sri Lanka 2012

Literally flying over the North Pole is not something we get to do every day, but PhamilyDev founder Matthew Lechleider did just that on his way back to Chicago from DrupalCamp Sri Lanka 2012. He helped plan and organize the event, the first of its kind in the country.

Mohamed Siraj, President and CEO of the Wakensys Corp. Chicago, approached Lechleider with the idea to collaborate on the organization of Drupal events around the world. Siraj's origins lie in Sri Lanka, making it an obvious place to start, and they got to work on making a Drupal event there come to fruition. Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island that has been called the Pearl of the Orient. After a nearly thirty year civil war that only came to an official close in 2009, Sri Lanka's recovery has been swift, with some of the highest literacy and education rates in the developing world.

The DrupalCamp event featured a series of pre-camp training sessions attended by over fifty people on the 27th of January. The main event was held the next day Saturday the 28th, feeding hungry minds with inspiring and informational sessions attended by more than sixty people.

The Phamily team built the website for the conference and helped Lechleider support the event remotley, a rewarding experience introducing aspects of the collaborative experience of the Drupal community to a new audience, in a developing nation that had never enjoyed such an event before.