Harris School- University of Chicago

Screenshot showing website for the Harris School of Public Policy at UChicago that PhamilyDev built.
Phamily Development is proud to launch an exciting project, the department website for The Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago.  At time of launch, the site is the biggest Drupal deployment at the University of Chicago.
Often times, in a world so over saturated with a variety of developers and CMS’, the right developer is not the one you find for your project.  Client’s can often be left in precarious situations, when they are left at the mercy of when and if the developer is able to finish their valuable project. This is where Phamily often jumps in.  The Harris School was at the depending on developers not producing results to the quality of such an elite university. So they contacted PhamilyDev to get finish the project once and for all.
Phamily took a previous project, recycled it and rebuilt the design.  Spending over an entire year with the client and adding a bit of love, http://harrisschool.uchicago.edu/ was up and running. In addition to an overhaul of structure and legacy content imports, there was a major focus on custom functionality. An interesting example is a "custom RSVP system" with room reservations and calendars.  The system gives the ability for students, staff, and the public, to access important information with moderation.  If a student needs to make a reservation for a room for the upcoming semester, or a professor wants to check and see if a classroom is available for an extra Saturday lecture, the information is now available at their fingertips via the website.