Drupalcon Syndey

Drupalcon Sydney Group Photo at Coogee Beach
Steps away from the beach are sponsor booths and presentation rooms
Conference traffic
Drupal founder Dries talking about the future
Coogee to the left
Coogee to the right

PhamilyDev's Matthew Lechleider has a strong connection to Australia and Drupal. Not only has PhamilyDev worked on several big name Australian based Drupal projects, Matthew lived down under for a bit. It was only natural to attend a special Drupalcon event happening in Australia basically being the third annual "Drupal DownUnder" conference of which Matthew attended the first two years.

Traveling the world and attending conferences is not always as exciting as it may seem.  Many times you're stuck in airports or train stations waiting on delayed transportation, or even worse, stuck inside a conference center during a weekend morning in the summer. However, Drupalcon Sydney was easily the best location for a Drupalcon in the history of Drupalcons.  The conference center was part of a hotel with affordable rooms directly on Coogee Beach in Sydney, Australia.  Matthew is from Chicago which has terrible winters in January, but January in Australia is summer!  Not only was Matthew able to reconnect with Drupal nerds from around the world, there was plenty of opportunities to swim in the ocean, go running along the coast, or play a game of cricket in the sand with Drupalcon attendees (including Dries!).

One of Matthew's favorite aspects of attending conferences is socializing at lunch and during the evening. This was perfect as lunch was served outside in a sunny terrace in front of the beach.  At night the fun continued at a local bar along side Coogee beach with beverages being shared with Drupal lovers from all across the world in the weather of a "perfect summer night".