DrupalCon Bogotá 2015

Drupalcon Bogota logo image
Picture with new friends at Drupalcon Bogota
Truck full of fresh fruit for sale outside Drupalcon venue
Drupalcon Bogota fútbol match!
View from Drupalcon Bogota venue entrance
Night view of Bogota

In all my years of working with Drupal I have traveled throughout the world and most recently attended Drupalcon Latin America 2015 in Bogotá Colombia in South America upping my continent numbers to five. Thankfully the Drupal Association is on par selecting awesome locations for conferences.  Not only is Colombia a fairly safe and affordable place to travel, but it is an emerging technology power house of talented young developers.  Mark my words, you will see Colombia becoming one of the world's tech hubs within the next few years.

For the first time I was able to listen to a live Drupalcon presentation in Español.This was fairly interesting to someone who comprehends the language a bit and knows a few things about Drupal.  By far the most popular term I heard all week was "Drupal Ocho" meaning "Drupal 8" which is our newest version on the horizon. As usual the Birds of a Feather sessions were the most interesting to me, especially the project management session attended by companies from around the world. It was enticing to learn Drupal management best practices based on a view of our globally virtual world.

Traveling to a foreign country on your own can be challenging, but it is worth it because you might end up meeting awesome new friends. Luckily at Drupalcon I was able to meet a super friendly group of local developers who insisted on giving me a tour of their office and the city of Bogotá. Jairo Lopez (https://www.drupal.org/u/jeltsoul) is a gentleman and a scholar who played tour guide as we explored Bogotá. I'll admit tours are always a bit more fun when your guide is a local and proudly explains their culture with a personal yet passionately wisdom. Jairo works at a local technology/development company in Bogotá called Imaginamos (imaginamos.com) and I had a chance to visit their wonderful office plus meet many of their employees who all seem excited about Drupal.

My trip to Bogotá was not complete without a visit up the mountains to La Calera. My new friend Jairo packed his car full of colleagues and we found our way up into a beautiful view of Bogatá night. It was an experience I'll always remember hanging out learning about local Colombian culture with a technology twist. It was a pleasure to meet and hangout with Ivan Bustos (https://www.drupal.org/u/ibustos), Ivan Duarte (https://www.drupal.org/u/jidrone), and Fabian Sierra (https://www.drupal.org/u/fabiansb). You helped me feel at home in Colombia and can't wait until my return visit.

Last but not least was the "copa de Drupalcon" fútbol match with conference attendees. Venue was at an indoor arena late in the evening and a legendary game took place between several Drupalcon attendees on each team.  Being the only American playing in the match was exciting for many reasons. Luckily I've played soccer/fútbol my entire life making the experience unforgettable. Overall the match was friendly and I was impressed by the skill level of playing from a group of computer nerds.  A new goal is to push for a "copa de Drupalcon" to take place at every Drupalcon.