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DrupalCamp Chicago 2013

  • DrupalCamp Chicago 2013 logo from website

December 7th 2013 marked the 6th annual DrupalCamp Chicago.  Organized by the Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group, PhamilyDev provided fiscal and gold sponsorship to the event.  Not only did a few of the local Chicago Phamily members help orchestrate the event, they provided presentations and an awesome after party at a client's office:...

Drupalcon Portland 2013

  • Drupalcon Portland

The best way to describe Matthew and Cody's trip to Drupalcon Portland would be "cross-country adventure". To say this trip was just a another tech conference would be doing it a great injustice.

  • 5000+ miles!
  • 70+ hours of driving!
  • Corn!
  • Mountains!
  • Tunnels!
  • Giant trees!
  • ...