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DrupalCamp Sri Lanka 2012

  • A Big Hello, from DrupalCamp Sri Lanka 2012

Literally flying over the North Pole is not something we get to do every day, but PhamilyDev founder Matthew Lechleider did just that on his way back to Chicago from DrupalCamp Sri Lanka 2012. He helped plan and organize the event, the first of its kind in the country.

Mohamed Siraj, President and CEO of the Wakensys Corp. Chicago,...

DrupalCamp Chicago 2011

  • Picture of the attendees at DrupalCamp Chicago 2011 from keynote speaker point of view
Phamily Development was stoked to be a major part of Drupal Camp Chicago 2011.  Although Phamily Development is based out of PA, a couple of the companies key figures are based in Chicago. Given the Chicago roots, Phamily wanted to be sure all the Drupalites that were participating in the event had an incredible time, without any hitches...